Tonight we are talking about Bicycles and Music.  This coming Saturday is the Chico Bicycle Music Festival. This unique event takes place all day at four different venues. The unique part is that the festival moves from site by site by bicycle, and the electrical musical equipment powered by bicycle generators pedaled by volunteers.  We’ll be talking with festival organizer Sammey Zangrilli about plans for the day.  Also in the studio will be Cheetah Tchudi, our son, who will be working on bike mechanics and logistics.  We’ll also chat with them about their joy of bicycles and the role of bikes in Ecotopia.

Our Questions for Sammey and Cheetah

1. First of all, when and where will the Bicycle Music Festival be  held? (the specifics of the day’s schedule)

2. What makes this music festival unique? (Let’s talk just a bit about  the technology here, but we’ll talk in more detail about that in the  second half of the show.)

3. Tell us a little about the bands that will be playing at the  various venues. (Here we can talk a little more about each venue as  well as the bands that will be playing.)

Let’s listen to:  (What do you suggest? We can do more than one song  in this segment; also, we’ll start the show with a song at the top of  the show and one between the opening info and your interview; we’ll do 
another at 6:30, and one more at the end of the show.)

4. Tell us a little about the history of the Bicycle Music Festival.  How long have you been doing this? Where did you get the idea? Tell us  a little about the process of putting this together.

5. Is there anything special people should do or bring who want to  participate in the festival on Saturday?

This is Ecotopia on KZFR, and tonight we are talking about the Chico Bicycle Music Festival coming up this weekend.  In this unique event, all the electricity for the musicians is generated by bicycle generators, and the whole entourage pedals from one venue to the next, hauling all the equipment.  We’ve been talking with Sammey Zangrilli, the festival director, and joining us in the studio now is Cheetah Tchudi, our son, who has been working with Sammey on some of the logistics. So in this part of the show we’ll talk some about bike mechanics.  Welcome Cheetah. 

6. Describe the technology that is used to create electricity.

7. Where did you get the bikes?  How many people do you need to  provide power?  Where do your volunteers come from?

8. We know you’re a big bicycle fans. Where did that interest come  from? What are some other bicycle technologies you use or admire?

9.  What do you see as the role of bicycles in a greener era—or, at least, an era when oil is scarce?

10.  Cheetah, tell us about his bicycle you’ve been welding together in recent weeks.  What other bike designs do you have in mind?

Playlist (featuring groups to appear at the festival)

1. Just Fine            4:21            MaMuse         Strange And 
2. Wonderful
3. Get It Right            2:19            Dick and Jane                
Falls            4:15            People On The Moon
4. Thursday Morning            2:09            Dick and Jane
5. Hallelujah            2:57            MaMuse         All The Way