15 February 2011

In the first part of the program tonight, we will be armchair travellers. We’ll be playing a prerecorded interview with Adrienne Scott, Curator of UC Chico’s Anthropology Museum, where we tour a new exhibit exploring the ecosystems of tourism.

 Then we will focus on several programs and projects coming up for young people in the Northstate that help kids become engaged in Ecotopian thinking. We’ll talk with Diane Suzuki about Pathway to Peace and Lisa Sun about California Dreams, and we’ll tell you a little about a Procession of the Species that we are developing for the Endangered Species Faire of the Butte Environmental Council.

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Our Interview with Adrienne Scott

Last week we traveled over to the Chico State University Anthropology Museum in the Merriam Library to talk with Curator Adrienne Scott about a new exhibit called “The Anthropology of Tourism.” She walked us about the exhibit and explained how an anthropologist looks at the artifacts and culture of tourism. We’ll now play the segments of that interview, interspersed with brief musical interludes in the manner of “Pictures at an Exhibition.”

000 Overview 2:54
001 Selling the Dream 4:14
002 Caribbean Dreams 7:24
003 Road Trip America 3:16
004 The Art of Travel 3:22
005 Authentic Culture 3:22
006 Surviving Tourism 2:30
007 Controversial Destinations 2:51
008 Museums as Artifacts 2:08

For full details about the exhibit and museum hours, go to: http://www.csuchico.edu/anthmuseum/

Our Interview with Lisa Sun

In this segment we’re going to talk about several youth programs coming up in the Northstate, all part of helping to raise the next generation of Ecotopians.

California Dream Week is an initiative organized by Soroptimist International of Chico to benefit students and high schools in Northern California, providing the opportunity for green inspiration & international cultural awareness. With us in the studio now is Lisa Sun, who is heading up this project.  

  • What is California Dream Week and where did the idea come from?
  • How do schools and individuals participate?
  • What are the projects like and how will they be judged?

[Categories: architecture-interior design, transportation, product compliments]

  • [Submissions shall consist of the following documentation in Word format (required):

Indicate any materials you would like to use in your design, and why. (for ex, performance, sustainability or aesthetics)

Outline the function of the principal components

An overall description of your concept, how you expect it to work.

Submissions may also include graphic or multi-media content to demonstrate your concept. NOTE: Judging for the contest will be based primarily on the sustainability and feasibility of your project.

  • What are the rewards to schools and kids who participate?
  • What are the deadlines and how can people learn more about your project? [Projects must be submitted by March 4,2011 http://www.californiadreamweek.com/]

Our Interview with Diana Suzuki

With us is Diana Suzuki, well know to our listeners as host of One World Radio on KZFR on Wednesdays. She is also the coordinator of the Beyond Violence Alliance and is heading up a project called Pathway to Peace for the Chico Peace and Justice Center. Welcome Diana.

  • Please tell us about Pathway to Peace. [Saturday, March 19, 9-noon, Children’s Park to MLK, Jr. Park]
  • How do kids and families get involved.
  • How do kids collect money?
  • Where does the money go?
  • What other community groups and agencies are participating?
  • What do you hope that children can learn from this project?
  • Where can they learn more?  www.chico-peace.org 

About the Procession of the Species

Susan and Steve talk about Procession of the Species. Listeners of all ages are invited to create puppets (small or giant) or costumes from recycled material to parade at the Endangered Species Faire, May 7. Costume/puppet workshops will be held at the GRUB House, Dayton Road, Fridays, 4:30-7 on March 18, 25, April 1, 8. For more information, e-mail us at ecotopiakzfr@gmail.com.  Or check out the Faire at www.becnet.org.


1. Pictures At an Exhibition (X. The Great Gate of Kiev) 5:29   Orchestre National Du Capitole & Tugan Sokhiev Moussorgski, Tchaïkovski World

2. Life 4:16 Mike Wofchuck Flight

3. Peace Train 4:14 Cat Stevens Greatest Hits

4. Better Together 3:28 Jack Johnson In Between Dreams

5. Weave Me the Sunshine 4:28 Peter, Paul And Mary The Very Best of

Peter, Paul and Mary

6. Natural Order 4:23 MaMuse Strange And Wonderful

7. Joy 4:00 Mike Wofchuck Flight