23 March 2010

Our guest tonight is Jan Spencer.  Jan is from Eugene, Oregon and  will be visiting Chico, Tuesday, April 6th, at the Quaker Meeting House, 6:30 pm,  as part of a speaking tour called Global Trends-Local Choices: Creating a Safer, More Secure, and Greener Community.”

Our Questions for Jan Spencer

1. Tell us a little bit about the Suburban Permaculture Project in Eugene. You say on your website that your goal was to “remake the house and property with mostly low cost strategies so it could take care of more of my needs from on site assets like rain, soil and sun, plus my own creativity.”

2. You’ve done some pretty major projects on your one-quarter acre property and suburban house. Tell us about some of the projects you’ve done over the past 10 years. What has been the most important? The most challenging? Do you still have projects that you want to accomplish on your land?

3. Why do you do all of this? Why is it important to you?

4. You presented a paper at the Eco Cities World Summit, San Francisco, 2008 about converting a suburban property into a “model of eco logical culture change.” First of all, what do you mean by that term–eco logical culture change–and what did/do you advocate?

5. Can you tell us about some of the other projects you’ve worked on?

6.  Your big project is your “Global Trends–Local Choices” DVD. You say:  “The goal of Global Trends – Local Choices is to encourage people to take an active part in this bold and timely adventure – to find creative, uplifting and peaceful ways to take care of human needs that planet Earth can sustain over the long term.” How did you come to create this DVD? What is your goal, your hopes for this DVD?

7. You say that the DVD is radical and challenging? What do you mean by that?

8. You’ll be starting a tour of Oregon and California next month. Tell us about that.

9. And you’ll be in Chico on April 4 and April 6. Can you give us the details of your visit here? What will you be talking about?

10. How can people reach you to learn more about the DVD and your work?

11. What assets and resources are available to help people make changes to create the kinds of communities you’re talking about?

Playlist for Ecotopia #79

1. Plant a Radish 2:34  Hugh Thomas & William Larsen

The Fantasticks (Soundtrack from the Musical)

2. Nature’s Way  2:40  Spirit

Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus

3. We Share Our Mothers’ Health (Ratatat Remix)    4:02  The Knife

We Share Our Mothers’ Health

4. Mother Nature’s Son 2:48  The Beatles

The Beatles (White Album)

5. Glorious  5:19  MaMuse

All The Way

6. Weave Me the Sunshine    4:28  Peter, Paul And Mary

The Very Best of Peter, Paul and Mary

7. Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)  5:11  Neil Young

Ragged Glory

8. Seed      6:25  Afro Celt Sound System        Seed