Date: 3/29/2011

Tonight we’ll be talking with Christine LePado; she’s a staff writer for the Chico News and Review, who’s written on everything—food, music, art, fashion, gardening, and the environment and health. We’ll talk with her about the environmental topics she’s covered and her contributions to the Green Guide.

 And, we’ll also be talking with Garin Wally. He’s an Alternative Transportation and Planning intern at Chico State, and he’s spearheading a project called zimride, a social network for ridesharing.

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Our Conversation with Christine LePado

Our first guest is Christine LePado. You’ve read her articles in the Chico News and Review. She also does the Greenways section of CNR. Welcome, Christine.

  1. Can you start by telling us a little about your job at Chico News and Review? You’ve done the Green reporting and the Greenways section; do you cover other topics as well? What’s a week of work like for you?
  2. How many stories a week are you responsible for? How do you decide what you’ll cover?
  3. What have been some of the most interesting stories you’ve covered?
  4. It seems like you often cover a lot of the “good news” in the environmental world? What have been some of the more hopeful and optimistic stories you’ve covered? Do you have a favorite story?
  5. Have you covered some bad news? What have been some memorable of the gloomy stories?
  6. Are there trends in sustainability that you’ve become aware of as you’ve covered the environment? What have you noticed?
  7. You also do the Greenways column in the CNR. First, if we have any listeners who don’t read the CNR, can you tell us what that column consists of? How do you put that column together? Where do you get your info? What have been some interesting things you’ve discovered doing that work?
  8. What do you see as your central aim in writing on environemtnal and sustainability projects?
  9. How has doing the environmental news affected your outlook? What are your visions of our future?

Our Chat with Garen Wally

We have here in the studio with us Gaein Wally. He’s a student at Chico State and an intern in alternative transportation and planning. And he’s involved with Zimride, a social network for ridesharing.

  1. Let’s start by learning a bit more about what zimride is. How does it work?
  2. How did it get started?
  3. Who uses it?
  4. How well is it working?
  5. What sort of feedback are you getting?
  6. What’s your role? How did you become involved?
  7. How do you see Zimride working in the future? Do you see ways it might grow and involve more and more people?
  8. How does this project fit with your own goals and hopes for your future after graduation?


1. All The World Is Green 4:37 Tom Waits Blood Money

2. Glorious 5:19 MaMuse All The Way

3. Killer Cars 2:14 Radiohead Towering Above The Rest

4. Traffic Jam (Album Version) 2:13 James Taylor James Taylor Live

5. Weave Me the Sunshine 4:28 Peter, Paul And Mary The Very Best of Peter, Paul and Mary

6. Land of the Future 5:14 Josh Lasden & Synoptic Futuristic Music EP